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Six Weeks of Summer!

Just sometimes I have to resort to an easy supper option, and we certainly have lots to choose from within easy walking distance from Beeson!

Whats better than pizza cooked in a proper pizza oven? Stokeley, in between Torcross and Stokenham, host pizza nights every night except saturdays throughout the school holidays between 6 and 9pm, its part of their 'Six Weeks of Summer' programme.

Heidi was due for a walk so I arranged to meet the rest of the clan, including The Beryl, there. It only takes about 40 minutes to walk over the hill, and its all on footpaths except a small section of minor road, which you'd be unlucky to meet anyone! There are some stunning views along the way of Start Bay as you emerge from Widdicombe Woods.

Not only is the food great, but they brew their own beer. Im no expert, but I think all those silver tanks is where the magic happens!!!! They also brew larger and cider too, maybe more, ill have to find out on our next visit!!!! The staff were lovely too, very helpful and accommodating.

All in all, a great night, tummies filled and kids happy!!!! 🍕🍻😃

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