We are only open at various times throughout the year so please email/phone to check and reserve your spot!

The non-busy times: Charged per person per night (excluding hook up pitches in June)

                                       Adult (16+): £8.50 per night

                                      Child (4-15): £4 per night

                                      0-3 yr olds: £1 per night

                                     Hook-ups: £4 per night 

The busier times: Charged per pitch per night as below, any additional bodies are charged at the per person rates

                                 Pitch without hookup £25 (includes 2A & 2C)

                                 Pitch with hookup £29 (includes 2A & 2C)

Please note during busy times there is a minimum of a 2 night stay, bank holidays a 3 night stay, unless of course there happens to be a spare pitch for one night!